The Voices in My Head are Out to Get Me.

No, I haven’t lost it. At least, not yet. But one of the side effects of being even an amateur writer is that sometimes you hear the voices of characters in your head. Well, I do, at least. Normally they tell me things like, “You should be writing right now,” or “Don’t send me here. I want to go there” when I’m working on a particularly difficult scene.

Recently I wrote a short story that I hope to submit to an anthology that will be opening up later this year. Lately, I keep hearing the voices of the two main characters. The following mental conversation happened while I was at work today.

Eric: I want you to write another story about me.

Me: Um, well, I’ve got other projects–

Eric: So? I’m way more important! You should totally write another story all. About. Me.

Colin: [quietly] You did all the talking last time. Can I tell this one?

Me: Well, maybe, since that’s the only way you’ll get a word in edgewise–

Eric: Yeah! Totally! You should definately write another story about us, and Colin can narrate this time, and it’ll be all about what happens to us after the last story since you really cut it off way too soon–

Me: Hey!

Eric: [ignoring] –and *this* can happen and *this* and we should really do *this*…

Me: Okay, okay. [starts outlining] Um…this doesn’t sound so much like a short story any more. It looks more like a novel. Or a series of novels.

Eric: [evil grin] Ha! Fooled you! And you thought you were going to get rid of me!

….I might be in trouble.


2 thoughts on “The Voices in My Head are Out to Get Me.”

  1. No, you won't be in trouble. I anticipate reading the entire story. I would like voices for a change. For the past 2 weeks I keep hearing this same silly song from the 70's in my head 😦


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