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The pre-convention conversation in our apartment

Me: I have a conundrum. I don’t know what knitting to take.

Missouri: Oh?

Me: See, I can’t take the [super-secret project I can’t mention yet] because I have to be able to write the chart and the directions as I’m doing it, and I can’t do that if I’m sitting through a panel.

Missouri: Okay…

Me: So I thought I’d start something new, but I don’t want to work from a pattern, because again, that’s something that will distract me from the panels. So I thought I could do socks, but I prefer doing those two at a time on one circular needle, which isn’t really historically accurate for a Steampunk convention, and if I do DPNs, then I’m risking dropped stitches. But if I take a larger project on straight needles, then I might poke the person next to me with them by mistake.

Missouri: I am not answering this. It is not my problem.

Me: And I was thinking about doing something in entrelac, because I love the technique, but everything I want to make is done in the round, and that requires cutting the yarn after every tier, which is just too fiddly for knitting in public, and–

Missouri: Oh, for the love of–*walks away, rolling eyes*

Me: *follows* And then there’s the problem of wood needles versus metal–

Missouri: *slams door*

Welcome to Chez Knotmagick. That was an actual conversation.

And to distract you while I am away: