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Edited to make it a little easier to read. Click on the images to make them bigger.


9 thoughts on “Meme”

  1. Very interesting and very nice. One day I will at least start on my questions and answers.The KMM has a very good reputation from what I read about it. I do not have room for one.


  2. I'm having trouble reading the typecast because I don't know how to view it at comfortable readable size. But I'll barge in anyway, in semi-ignorance, to say that (a) KMM's are wonderful typewriters, and (b) come on, everyone has room for a KMM and everyone has room for more than four typewriters (I did read that much, Sophia). I own 266 typewriters and am still finding ways to pack more of them in!


  3. Thanks for reposting, it's very readable now (and entertaining). I didn't realize you were in Columbus; maybe you can come down to Cincinnati for a typewriter event sometime, or vice versa. Good luck with the novel!


  4. I have the perfect portable for you. Well, nothing is perfect. I need to clean it. A Royal Crescent that is small, light, and fits in an over the shoulder carrier that is about the size of one for a laptop PC. Then I may end up with a spare Noiseless Model 7 and those are nice for one needing a place where a typewriter is not to be heard.


  5. I would love to get my hands on a Noiseless at some point. I've heard a lot about them and they seem like good machines. I don't know much about the Crescents; would love to try one.


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