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Costume p0rn and Typewriters VI

The Help
This is the last regular post I have planned in this series, though my next Netflix might get tagged on at the end and I’ll probably revisit it from time to time, since by now you all know how much I love writing about costumes in general, and period costumes in particular.

I talked a bit about this movie when I first saw it in theaters, and the desire to watch it again is what kicked off this whole costume p0rn thing (with some help from Murdoch and Dr. Ogden). Unfortunately, though, I had to wait for Netflix to catch up, hence the other films and shows.

Before I get into the costumes, there are two other draws to this movie (other than cast, story, etc): number one, the sets are wonderful, particularly the mansion Skeeter’s family lives in.
Case in point:

And then there’s this:
Her ’62 Cadillac convertible is more than drool-worthy in my opinion. Put a bow on it, I’ll take it!

Allison Janney (who plays Skeeter’s mother), like most of the characters, is dressed to the nines in nearly every scene. She sports some fantastic jewelry, and I love her sweater clasps, which Google images is failing me on.

Of course, in a film of this sort we have the usual 1960s style:
I love the nipped in waist lines and the full, swishy skirts. I also love that the center dress was “handmade” (at least, according to the story line) even if I don’t like the woman who “made” it so much.

I guess I’m not the only one who loves the costumes from this movie, since there was a display around the time of the premier. I love the apricot dress on the right, which Skeeter wears to dinner. I hate the romper on principal. Rompers should remain in the past where they belong, but every time we get a truck in at work I get proof that they refuse to die.

This is possibly one of my favorite outfits. It’s simple, business like, and very flattering (fun fact: there’s one almost identical to it in the Nancy Drew movie, and Skeeter wears a similar outfit in green later in the movie. Must have been a popular style). I also adore the leather satchel that Skeeter carries all of her business papers in.

Miss Hilly might be the devil incarnate, but she does have great fashion sense, like the pink jacket and dress she wears to the association meeting.

Since this is a movie about writers, there are several typewriters that show up, though most of them are in passing and the bulk of them are available only in brief glimpses when Skeeter visits the Jackson Journal office.

I did pick up the book. We’ll see if typewriters play a bigger role in the print format.

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  1. Very nice. Those bedrooms look so wonderful. I generally do not get into furnishing and such, but they are so neat! I really do not get into dress, but I would guess Klinger (MASH) would love them.Now the Futura 800 at the end; nice!


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