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And Now a Word from our Sponsors

I have reached a decision. I have been trying for months to refurbish the Royalite, and I really wanted to use it. However, every time I try to use it I want to throw it out a window. I don’t think there’s really anything WRONG or broken (except the tab key), it just doesn’t work for me. I find the action frustrating and slow, and I dislike the typeface.

I did start to repaint it, but all of the decals are intact. It does need new feet. It types fine, but it’s not great. I like my pre-war machines better.

I paid $10 for it plus shipping, and I am asking the same if anyone is interested. I would also be interested if anyone wants to do a straight up trade for a portable from the 1920s-40s, or possibly one of these Underwoods (the full wishlist can be found here). If you are interested, please send me an email at [knot magick AT yahoo DOT com]. Of course, that should be all one word with the proper symbols inserted.

ETA: The links have been fixed.

1 thought on “And Now a Word from our Sponsors”

  1. Very nice want list. We have similar likes in cars. I had a friend who had the 63 Impala SS (Looks like the second link). The second and third links do not work. Are you sure the Blue & White Belair is a 55. I had an identical 56 and my boss has a 56 just like it. Then as I write this I think you are correct. The only difference was the tail lights and gas filler tube. The 55 filled behind the license and the 56 the filler was behind the left tail light (what a poor design as far as fire safety). Then I could have them mixed-up. That Underwood is really nice. I missed 2 or 3 of them in the past month on Epay (yes pay. because one pays way more there than any place else)I will keep you in mind for typewrites if I come across any. I could ship those to you. A car may be a bit difficult.Check your links. there was another one that did not work. I failed to note it.


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