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Knitting and Typewriters

If you have been following this blog for any period of time, then by now you’ve probably figured out that I tend to do things in phases. Sometimes, this blog is all about writing, or typewriters. Sometimes it’s all about what I’m reading or drawing, sometimes sewing. It seems that lately, it’s knitting.

As promised, I have pictures of some recent acquisitions:

This is the Malibrigo Lace I picked up last week at The Yarn Shop in Clintonville (I would link to their site, but it seems to be down for a revamp). I don’t go up that way too often, since I have a difference of opinion with both the owner and most of the regulars, but the last time Missouri and I went in, there were several new people sitting around the work table and they were all very lovely to talk to–enough that I’d love to make another trip in the near future.

I do apologize for the poor photographs. My camera is driving me up a wall right now, but a new one is not in the budget. I have no idea where the glare keeps coming from, but it seems my camera has a very low tolerance for imperfect light.

The colors are Whales Road and Saphire Magenta, though honestly, I’m not sure which is which since one has blue (saphire) and the other has the magenta. I’ll have to look that one up.

My second yarny purchase in the last couple of weeks was some spinning fiber from Fiber Optic Yarns. I wanted something brightly colored and easy to spin to take with me to Steampunk Symposium, and decided that as much as I prefer to use fibers like silk, I wanted something a bit grippier and easier to work with while at the busy convention, so I settled on some superwash merino. I usually don’t spin or knit with wool unless it’s in a blend that is at least 50% something else, but I can use superwash. I suspect that whatever chemical treatment makes it superwash (i.e. removes or “glues” down the follicles on the individual fibers so that it can’t felt) also removes the lanolin or whatever it is that gives me problems with it. I might not be able to rub my belly and pat my head at the same time, but it is a very good thing to be able to spin and breathe at the same time.

Again, the colors didn’t come out as true in the photograph as I would like–it’s much brighter and leans more on the red/orange side of the fence than shown. The colorway is “Hot and Spicy.”

I’ve been meaning to write more about typewriters on here (since it’s been so long since I have), but since I live in something of a typewriter vacuum, that hasn’t happened. Budget cuts have prevented new machines from coming home, as well as the purchase of the supplies I need to continue working on the Royalite. I’ve also been attempting to come up with a way to combine knitting and typewriters, and ended up resorting to Google, where I found this, a typewriter that knits, and then I found this page, which is a collection of knitted/sewn/crafted retrotech.

While I haven’t gotten that ambitious yet, I have been combining typewriters with my knitting in another way:

I’ve got the ribbon color selector, caps lock, and (on my right hand, which did not photograph as well) the tab and semi-colon keys. In retrospect, I realized it would have been cool to use Magic Margin instead of the caps or tab keys, but maybe for next time. This is more of a dry run, anyway. I’m not crazy about the base color, and I need a larger color pallet before I can attempt the glass keys I originally wanted to do. I also had to redo the lettering. The first time, I asked Missouri to do it but it rubbed off before I could apply the clear coat. Once I get the chrome/metalic I need, I’ll try again in more detail.

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  1. Cool a knitting typewriter. What about typewriter covers? A stretchy one that can fit a variety of standard size portables or a custom made for those who choose to go that route. FYI 90% of the photos on my blog are from used cameras from Craigslist. None cost me more than $20.00.Still like your fingernails.


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