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No, I haven’t forgotten the knitting

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Well, it turns out that I fail at ITAM. I keep meaning to typecast…and then not. Partially because my brain has been a little fried for the past couple of weeks, and putting together a post in general has been a struggle.

Now that I don’t flinch every time I move my arm, however, I’ve picked up the knitting again. I started out working on the stockinette blanket for the living room, since it’s easy and on size 10 needles. No pictures of that since it’s incredibly boring.

I’ve also been working on the socks that were supposed to be done for Christmas….and are still less than 2/3 done. *headdesk* Maybe by Easter?

I have so much that I want to do, and lately it seems there is no time to do it in. And even when there is, I suddenly find myself incapable of say, using fine motor skills.

Life just ain’t fair, ya know?


1 thought on “No, I haven’t forgotten the knitting”

  1. Nice to hear you are back knitting. That is something that always fascinated me; how someone can take 2 needles and some yarn and create such fine things from it. ITAM, Do what you can, That is all the rest of us are doing. Personally I surprised myself with more than one post every week or so. I do want to see your final knitting projects though.


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