1. This was going to be a typecast, but I didn’t feel up to hauling out all 40 pounds of Prince Henry.

2. I got zero response on the S.T/A.R project, so that is on hold for the moment.

3. Instead of working on the stuff I’m supposed to be working on for the past few days, I’ve been watching T.V., knitting, embroidering, and pretending I don’t see my tax stuff waiting for me on the table.

4. I’ve also be trying to come up with a way to earn $450 while still fully clothed, before my laptop commits seppuku. The screen is attempting to separate itself from the rest of the computer. Shocked myself on it last night, so I’m starting to think I can’t put off the repairs as long as I thought I could. But, everything it backed up so that when it does die, I won’t loose anything. Except my music, tv shows, and a chunk of my photos. But the important stuff is safe.

5. It sucks when all of your skills became obsolete around the time of the industrial revolution.

6. Might end up going offline for a few days, depending on how my funds look and how quickly the laptop deteriorates. Hopefully, no more than a week.