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More Sewing

The typewriter is still on my docket (this weekend, sometime) but I’ve had other projects that needed done. I haven’t even worked on my sewing in a few days, though I did finish up this one last week:

When I was looking at the slide show of the dresses the previous owner was making available, this one caught my eye and I knew right then that I wanted the lot. Originally, it was a basic calf length skirt intended for someone with a 26 inch waist. In modern sizes, this is about a size 1. Maybe a 2.

I am not a size 2. Never have been, never will.

I made a few, ah, adjustments to the waistline, added a new band that I think will look just right with one of my thicker belts the next time I wear it, and raised the hem. Partly for taste, and partly because there was some damage to the hem and it was necessary to raise it about two inches.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the result, and I can’t wait to wear it again.