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Nepotism Fail

The review of the Royalite. Click it to make it bigger.

So, overall, the Royalite is a disappointment, except as a craft project. I will get back to the painting and revamping here soon, but first I need to finish my Christmas knitting (so behind!!) and knock a couple of sewing projects off my list (like curtains. We need curtains).

2 thoughts on “Nepotism Fail”

  1. Sorry to hear your Royalite is not living up to its expectations. The typewriter looked nice. Perhaps a bit of tinkering and experimentation will get it all working. I bought 3 or 4 machines on line and so far have a 50% record. One described as like new condition for a 1940 something had broken case latch, split platen, no working keys, no carriage movement except the release and return. The other I knew had issues and will soon become part of my collection.Have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


  2. For this reason I am very reluctant to buy typewriters on eBay, for example. I might try Craig's List someday because you can see the typewriters for yourself.But really, I don't NEED any more typewriters! I'd rather spend some money on getting a couple of mine repaired.


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