Off the Needles

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Since my camera cord finally made an appearance last week, I figured it was high time I post pictures of my most recent knitting projects…though I must admit, I’m starting to get a little fed up with my camera. Unless I’m outdoors, it gives everything a red cast that even Photoshop can’t correct. I’ve tried every setting in it’s repertoire, and it actually has me so frustrated that when I finished a hat over the weekend I tried using my webcam to take the pictures for Ravelry. You can see the results for yourself and be the judge:

The pattern for that hat should be available on Ravelry later this week. It’s called “Northman,” after Eric in the TrueBlood series, which I’ve been watching on Netflix. (Speaking of tv, anyone know where I can watch season 8 of Charmed online? I still haven’t seen it yet and Youtube let me down at episode 4.) I’m making a few tweaks to the measurements. I actually like it so well that I’m knitting it a second time to double check that everything is correct. Normally I need a break before knitting the same thing twice, but this time I’m just diving right in. I sense a colorwork kick in my future, but we’ll see.

Haven’t had time for much else lately. Work is keeping me pretty busy, and in my spare time I’m trying to power through a stack of reading material, and finishing up some edits on my novel. Which needs a new title. I had to change some mythology after an epiphany this week, and now the original title doesn’t make any sense. Eh, it can wait until the morning.