Typewriters at Bedtime

Reading: Treasure Island
Watching: Get Smart the Movie

Just to clarify: When I mentioned the podcast, I was intending to do it myself. The think is, with being so new to the hobby, I would like to see more listener participation than I have with the podcasts I’ve produced previously (writing in, comments/questions, things like that).


I had an awesome dream last night and had to share.

In the dream, I was back in London, walking through St. James Park, and someone had created a huge typewriter display for the public. These weren’t normal typewriters, though. According the posted historical information, they would be provided in airports or train stations for travelers to write letters, similar to the way they now provide wifi or internet cafes. Most of them were portables, only about eight inches wide, with a coin slot at the top over the type basket and another out in front where the keyboard should be. One would insert a dime, and a tiny disposable keyboard would pop out (I have no idea why they were disposable. I imagine it was for sanitation issues since hand sanitizer didn’t exist in the 1950s and my brain was trying to compensate).

This bit of the dream was followed up by myself and two friends fighting a demon, and the only one powerful enough to banish it back to hell was the Queen. Which of course meant that we had to kidnap her (because she wouldn’t be willing to defend her country on her own? I dunno). She was a lovely woman and quite feisty.


Also: my cat has the hiccups. It is adorable. I didn’t even know cats could GET hiccups, but he seems to regularly. He might not be amused, but I am. 🙂