Typecasting–No, not like that

I promise, it might start with knitting but it does come back to typewriters. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Typecasting–No, not like that”

  1. Interesting idea! And Richard, if you won't do it, who will? The rest of us aren't half as qualified…You know who would be great for this is my friend Georg – in fact, he's already been featured on radio shows here, not that I've been able to listen to any of them since I don't speak German. But he has just the personality for it.Given that the majority of the typosphere is stateside, I think it would make more sense for a podcast to generate there as well, at least for maximum awareness. And yes, there is a plethora of topics that could be covered, especially if one was to draw inspiration from the Yahoo groups and eBay.I've been a fan of podcasts for the past five years or so – I started listening to some amateur ones about topics I was interested in … health and fitness and veganism and humor and so on… but these days I just want to be able to rely on a regular fix (some of the ones I used to listen to no longer broadcast) so I stick with Slate, Dan Savage, Marc Maron, etc. Love the medium; such a great idea.


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