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Back Again

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Between a week of vacation and a week and a half of being sick, I’ve let a lot of good habits slide in the last month, among them blogging. However, since I’ve spent the majority of the last two weeks in bed or camped out in front of the TV so there hasn’t been lot to blog about to begin with. Trust me, you haven’t missed much.

Once I was feeling better and my eyes stopped watering long enough to read more than two or three sentences, I finished Karen Chance’s Midnight’s Daughter, which is the first book in her Dorina Basarab series. It runs alongside her Cassie Palmer books (reviews found here). At this point I’m not planning on reviewing the series, but I will say Dorina certainly lives up to her forerunner and I can’t wait to start reading book 2. (Are you keeping up with the summer releases? I’ve got a list of my top picks at the end of this post)

In addition to the reading, I managed to finally finish the second sock of the pair I’ve had on the needles since March. That was an Event, since it started with a massive kitchner fail on the toe and ended with me realizing there was a rather massive error in the pattern that resulted in a-symmetrical socks. They fit fine, they just don’t match. So once my fragile knitting ego has recovered, I’ll have to rework them. At the moment, however, I can’t fathom the idea of knitting those socks again. It’s not that I dislike the pattern, it just took so long to work out the cables around the cuff and there was a lot of ripping back. Either way, it will have to wait about two weeks since I’ve got some deadline knitting on the needles right now. I need to finish a baby sweater for a coworker before A) she goes on leave; B) she goes into labor; or C) I leave for my new job.

That’s right, I’ll be starting a new job later this month. Same company, different location, different position. And since I like to keep my work life as separate from my online presence as possible, that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

If I fall off the blogosphere again, someone poke me. Why is it that good habits are so hard to start and bad habits are so hard to break?
(Recent and) Summer Book Releases (For the United States)
Spirit Dances by C.E. Murphy (Okay, so this one is already out, but it was just released so it counts)
Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance (Also newly released)
Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs (So May/June was an exciting time for some of my favorite authors. So sue me)
Fallen by Karin Slaughter (June 21)
Heartless by Gail Carriger (June 28, but already released in some areas)
Ghost Story by Jim Butcher (July 26)
The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan (October 4)

If you’re part of C.E. Murphy’s latest crowdfunding project, she’s also released three of the promised short stories thus far as well as a novella called Right Angles to Fairyland. Thus far, these are only available to her crowdfunding sponsors, but cross your fingers that they’re released mass market soon!