Make up work

I’ve been sick for the last few days. Spent all day yesterday laying in bed marathoning 10 Things I Hate about You (movie and tv series). Today I woke up feeling wonderful, considering it was the first night out of the last four that I managed to actually sleep.

Have you seen a show called Haunted Collector? It’s on Bravo. I was flipping stations this morning and caught the last fifteen minutes of an episode where they were investigating a supposedly haunted library. They didn’t really get any evidence, but the few things they did manage to catch were related to a 1914 Royal 10.

Ghost hunting shows are my version of trash tv. They’re about as realistic and reliable as watching soap operas or Jersey Shore, but I do love them. Just remember to take everything they “find” with a grain of salt. Or the whole shaker.

While I was watching tv, I picked up that sock that has been marinating in my knitting basket for the last, I don’t know, three months or so and managed to knit the heel and an inch or so of foot. I want to see if I can finish it today. I want that thing photographed and off the needles, already! My knitting mojo just seems to have gone out the door lately. It has been replaced by writing mojo. I’ve got one, maybe two scenes left to write on Fortune’s Fight, and a little bit of editing to finish up and then it will be done. Yay!