Out of the Aether

You might think that I’ve been out driving cross country since I fell off Planet Internet after that last post, but really I’ve been at home–haven’t been doing much, hence no post.

What I have been doing this week is a lot of reading and writing. I’m planning a mini review of Heather Graham’s Bone Island series, but I’ve still got 2 more books to read, so that will have to wait. Right now I’m working my way through Dracula and a book of mythology. The myth book actually has a forward by Rick Riordan, which I didn’t even realize until yesterday because I never read forwards. I read this one, though, because I adore his Percy Jackson books beyond words and I’m dying for the next book in the Kane saga.

I’ve been doing so much reading and writing lately that I’ve hardly knit a single stitch (gasp!) but I sketched out three more designs and typed up two vanilla sock recipes so that I can teach Missouri and another friend how to knit socks.

Part of the massive revision I’m doing on my current story involves adding about a dozen knitting patterns, so as soon as I finish revising the pattern I’m writing for Missouri I’ll be diving into the list I’m making for my own book. Stay tuned–I’ve got socks, hats, sweaters, and more laid out. Very exciting stuff!