Zoom Zoom

I got a new car!! I’ve been planning on getting one, with a goal of signing the papers by my birthday (end of June) but Dad decided yesterday it was high time to trade in my old truck and get something that’s a bit more economical. We went in this morning and picked it up.

The color is called “Mango Tango,” but it reminds me of a tropical sunset. Therefore, her name is Lucie, after Port St. Lucie (which is a town in Florida near where my aunt and uncle live, and an area that I love. Favorite family vacation spot). It has everything that was on my wishlist and then some. And in case you’re wondering, that wishlist consisted of a car that is a 4 door hatchback with cruise control and AC.

I’m not hard to please, people. Yet somehow I have a reputation for being picky…(okay, so orange wasn’t my first choice in color, but there weren’t any blue ones available and a red one would tack on an extra 2k for some strange reason…and I’m not a black/white/silver kind of girl. And the streaks in my hair currently match the car.)

I need to go put my stuff in the new car (tool kit, tissue box, emergency kit, etc.) and then I have a date with the user’s manual. See you on the road!