Cameo Apearances

I just went to see The King’s Speech, and there were several familiar faces: Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter,Geoffry Rush and Michael Gambon to name a few, as well as this one:

I highly recommend the movie (because really, you can’t go wrong if it involves Colin Firth, who delivers an extremely moving performance), and when you do see it, pay close attention to the scenes in Lionel, the speech therapist’s office, especially the initial ones–You’ll see an Oliver #9 sitting front and center, and it does get used later in the film. It’s a lovely machine and I can’t wait until my own Oliver is up and running.

I know I promised weeks ago to post another photo, and here it is: Me at Ohayocon with my feather and fan shawl. My first actual lace project! It’s very lovely in person. Just ignore the model. And the bad photography.

The blog has fallen by the wayside lately; According to my Chinese Horoscope this is supposed to be a great year with only one unfavorable month, but I think the unfavorable one must be February because nothing is going even remotely according to plan, and I haven’t much wanted to broadcast my bad mood about it to the rest of the world. So I shall leave you with your moment of feline cute:

He’s playing innocent because he knows he’s in trouble. He managed to get into a package of kitty treats and eat 3/4 of them before we caught him, and then got his paws on a bag of dog treats and did the same. We keep finding tiny steak treats all over the house.