Coming up Short

Hopefully, I’ll do a little bit better with the 2011 reading challenge than I did with the 2010 one. I read 49 books this year, which means I was 3 short of the regular goal and 18 short of my personal goal (mostly because the only reading I had time to do during fall quarter was school related. Hoping to change that, since I’m only taking one class in the spring.

I don’t think I have a favorite book of 2010, but I will say that I really, really enjoyed the Carrie Vaugn Kitty books, and I want to get caught up on those this year. Another series I want to catch up on is The Dresden Files (currently reading book four). I also want to read the next books in the Sookie Stackhous series, and I have about a dozen books waiting on my shelf at home, about a third of which are research for a new story.

The biggest surprise was The Girl of the Limberlost, which sat on my shelf for about three months. I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. The biggest disappointment was probably the Hearse You Came In On, though I thought that Invictus started very strongly and then fell apart about halfway through.

Speaking of reading, last night after a late movie showing, I checked my email and found Year of Miracles waiting in my inbox. YoM is an old races novella that C.E. Murphy wrote for–well, I guess it amounts to subscribers. It’s something new she’s started doing. She’ll make a post on her blog about a story she wants to write, with an estimated word count. Then her fans can donate whatever amount they see fit (I donated $5, I think; I wanted to do more but the post came at a rough time financially). She write the story in a specified amount of time, and then emails it to the subscribers. They are the only ones who get to read it, unless she finds a traditional publisher willing to print it (which could take years). I think this is the second or third novella she’s written this way, so it seems to be working for her. I can’t wait to read it–You can bet it’ll rank early in the 2011 list (right after I find Summer Knight and get some of this research done).

So here is the complete list for 2010:

52 Books in 52 Weeks 2010 Challenge

01. Urban Shaman–C.E. Murphy
02. Soulless–Gail Carriger
03. Fire Study–Maria V. Snyder
04. Grave Watchers–A.K. Alexander
05. Thunderbird Falls–C.E. Murphy
06. Coraline–Neil Gaiman
07. Skinwalker–Faith Hunter
08. Kitty and the Midnight Hour–Carrie Vaughn
09. The Lark and the Wren–Mercedes Lackey
10. The Conservation and Restoration of Textiles
11. The Robin and the Kestral–Mercedes Lackey
12. The Eagle and the Nightingales–Mercedes Lackey
13. Lazy ways to make a living–Abigail Bosanko
14. Luck in the Shadows–Lynn Flewelling
15. Why Do Cats Do That?–Kim Campbell Thornton
16. The Hearse You Came in On–Tim Cocky
17. Frankenstein–Mary Shelly
18. Deja Dead–Kathy Reichs
19. Crewel World–Monica Ferris
20. Kitty Goes to Washington–Carrie Vaughn
21. Death du Jour–Kathy Reichs
22. A Witch in Time–Madelyn Alt
23. Gwenhwyfar–Mercedes Lackey
24. Haunted–Heather Graham
25. Dark Mysteries of the Vatican–H. Paul Jeffers
26. Magic’s Pawn–Mercedes Lackey
27. Demon Hunts–C.E. Murphy
28. Kitty Takes a Holiday–Carrie Vaughn
29. A touch of Dead–Charlaine Harris
30. The Undertaker’s Gift–Torchwood
31. Grave Secrets–Kathy Reichs
32. Changeless–Gail Carriger
33. A Witch’s Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural–Gerina Dunwich
34. Bare Bones–Kathy Reichs
35. Enchantment Emporium–Tanya Huff
36. A girl of the Limberlost–Gene Straton Porter
37. Kitty and the Silver Bullet–Carrie Vaughn
38. No Greater Love–Danielle Steel
39. Shades of Grey–Jasper Fforde
40. Wizard^2–K.E. Mills
41. The Human Species–John Relethford
42. The Red Pyramid–Rick Riodan
43. Blameless–Gail Carriger
44. The Roaring Twenties–David Pietrusza
45. Desire Sensibility–Souto Narazaki
46. Hetalia–Hidekaz Himaruya
47. Ghost Hunt vol. 10–Shiho Inada
48. Ghost Hunt vol. 11–Shiho Inada
49. Matilda Raleigh: Invictus–Chris Kelly