Okay, so I lied about the knitting content.

It works!! So now I’ll just stick the typewriter posts in as scans, and you can skip down to the knitting bits if you so desire. Just click on the images to make them bigger/readable.

Since the ribbons got here about two weeks (!!) before I was expecting them, I don’t have a lot to say on the knitting front. There just hasn’t been time for much because of the holidays (probably could have finished that sweater front last night if I’d had my knitting at the hospital. Darn). So, even though it’s typewriter related and not knitting, here’s a kitty fix for you. Hermes love the cover almost as much as I love the typewriter. Now that Henry is working, Hermes decided to get to know him a little better:

1 thought on “Okay, so I lied about the knitting content.”

  1. Oh, my, that typewriter is awesome. I'd love to have a KMM if I had room anywhere for a standard. Top tip: Make exclamation points by using the period, backspacing, then apostrophe. You could also hold down shift and the spacebar at the end of the sentence, then type[ .' ] so they combine into a nice, emphatic [!]


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