college life

Lamest excuse for missing class EVER

But at least you know it has to be true. Because if I was just going to ditch, I’d make up something like, “My great aunt Gertrude got in a sky diving accident and I had to go to her funeral in Finnland,” not, “I couldn’t find a place to park.”

I don’t get it. I left an hour and a half before my class started, even though it only takes me 30-45 minutes to get to school normally. I took an alternate route to avoid the accident that closed 670, and I started with the Mt. Vernon lot thinking there’d still be a few spaces left. An hour later, I was still driving. So now I am camped out at the main branch of the public library, holding my own math 107 class since even if I walked over now, I’d STILL miss class.

And here I thought it was an exaggeration that Columbus State had a twitter account for their parking lots, and a website (not that either one does me much good since the ipod needs wireless and the cell phone has data disabled).

On the bright side, we are still only in unit 1.4, so even though I’m not in class, I should still be able to keep up. Last week’s topic was “adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing real numbers,” so I shouldn’t have too much to worry about (can you tell I’m in the class for jeniuses?).

In case I forgot to mention (which I’m pretty sure I did), I am going back to school this fall (again) (duh). I’m picking up those pesky math and science credits that they don’t give you art school so that I can go on to grad school. I’ve got remedial algebra (for us not-so-good at math people like me who also haven’t had it in at least five years), French (immersion course; takes some getting used to), and physical anthropology (because I watch too much tv and I have the grande delusion that I could maybe be Temperance Brennan one day when I grow up).

I have been enjoying all of my classes so far. Until today. I will likely have to move my car in a few hours (or try) but I’m going to worry about that around, say, 1, and give myself two hours to find a space this time. Or maybe I’ll just leave it. I’ll check the prices again for the library garage.