Happiness is a Full Bookshelf

This is my current reading list. I am in the middle of Ghost Hunters, which is a non-fiction account of early paranormal investigators in the Victorian era; I got the itch last night to re-read my favorite Mercedes Lackey book (which also happens to be the first fantasy book I ever read that wasn’t Harry Potter), Magic’s Pawn. While I was reading it, I totally forgot I’d hoarded some cash in it and $50 fell into my lap. I went to the bookstore today to pick up a joke book (more on that in a minute) and Changeless, which I’ve only been looking forward to from the instant I finished Soulless. While I was in Borders, I happened by accident on Demon Hunts. I’d forgotten it came out on the 6th. So I snapped that up, too.

On the way in to Borders, we made a stop at the library, because I had a reserve in–Heat Wave. I want to be Richard Castle when I grow up, so I figured I’d give the book a shot. I figure that since it’s based off of my favorite tv shows, it’ll either be really good or really bad. We’ll see.

Waiting in the wings I also have the next Kitty Norville book (Kitty Takes a Holiday), which I’m also eager to start. You just have to love a werewolf named kitty.

And then, my mom handed me a book of Sookie Stackhouse short stories. I love the books so much, I’ve decided to give the series another try, so the first season is on reserve for me at the library. Should be in just before or just after we get back from Montreal.

Which brings me back to the joke book: We’re going up to see my uncle in Montreal the first week of July. I can’t wait. If you’ve been here long, then you might remember my love affair with the city. This will be my first return visit since 2007. My uncle and I are, I guess, the funny ones in the family (that used to include his dad, my grandpa, but he passed away several years ago). He’s always nagging me that I don’t have jokes for him anymore, when I had tons as a kid. The problem is that grown up jokes are either really…tasteless, in my opinion, or they are more like funny stories, the “you had to be there” type. So, I picked up some new material.

Speaking of funny, here’s another comic strip for your entertainment:

Yes, my cat really did pat me on the head while I was cleaning his litter box. I didn’t think it was that bad at the time, but I guess I’m not the one who has to use it. 🙂

On my ipod: 4 Minutes (Glee Cast version)
In the DVD player: Batman: The Dark Knight
On the night stand: Ghost Hunters and Magic’s Pawn