ESP Fail

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We are all still sick. Turns out my allergic reaction decided overlap with either regular allergies or a cold, I don’t know what, but I slept for eleven hours last night and still had trouble getting out of bed.

Hermes however, seems to be doing better. I’ve been cranking out these strips at a surprising rate, but at the loss of my daily writing goal. I’m having a little trouble with my current set of scenes, so I’m welcoming any distraction I can find. Before I go in to work today though, I want to sit down and give Cassie a serious workover, though.

If you haven’t been keeping track, I do have the third Cassie novel up on Fiction Press, along with the first two, so you are welcome to go read them. I post a new chapter every two weeks.

In the CD player: Jose and the Pussycats soundtrack
In the DVD player: Beauty and the Beast (Disney animated version)
On the night stand: Dark Mysteries of the Vatican