Home Sweet Home

I made it back on Thursday night (That was a long day. About nine hours longer than it should have been, in fact). But now I’m home, and my kitty is home, though he is hiding in the laundry room behind my mom’s collection of cleaning products and probably won’t come out for a while. I’d snap a picture but both of my camera batteries are dead at the moment.

Swiss Air lost one of my suitcases–the important one. The one that had my signed books from Tanya Huff and C.E. Murphy. My knitting needles. And my entire DVD collection (including the first four seasons of Charmed, all of Blood Ties, all of Gundam Wing, plus about 75-100 other movies and miscellaneous television episodes). They don’t even know where it is and I am slightly devastated.

Other than that though, I am in one piece and had no other mishaps or delays (well, they also broke the wheels off of one of my bags, but that’s minor by comparison and I only paid 20 euro for it in the first place and you get what you pay for).

On my ipod: The Road Outside Columbus–O.A.R.
On the night stand: Luck in the Shadows–Lynn Flewelling
In the DVD player: The Wizard of Oz Special Edition (is it wrong that I bought this mostly for the special features, namely a TV special from 1990 called the Dreamer of Oz? I am in love with John Ritter’s voice. I cried when he passed away).
On the needles: random crochet hat and Mystery Project #1.