(Cautiously) Looking Up

The school extended housing through tonight free of charge. If I have to stay Thursday night, I have to pay 20 euro, but I’m hoping it won’t come to that.

After three days of trying to contact the airline and the travel agency, I finally managed to get through and rebook. I am now (hopefully) leaving Thursday morning (fingers crossed). This involved phone calls to six different numbers, all with different variations thanks to the country code, five emails (four of which went unanswered), and then finally me setting up a Skype account which autodialed the booking center for about fifteen minutes before I was finally placed on hold for 25 minutes (isn’t it sad when listening to static-y elevator music for 20 minutes is progress?). All of this was in conjunction with the many phone calls my mother made from the other side of the pond.

So I have a place to stay, I’ve got a bit of cash (thank you Dad and Uncle Sam), and I have a tentative flight. Things are looking up, but I’m keeping an umbrella handy just in case it starts raining shit again.

On my ipod: Take Me Away–Avril Lavigne
On the night stand: Luck in the Shadows–Lynn Flewelling
In the DVD player: The Fellowship of the Ring
On the needles: random crochet hat