college life


I had my thesis review yesterday, so I’ve got to turn in the final edits by tomorrow. The frustrating thing? Out of the four teachers and two TAs in the review, only two of them had bothered to read my thesis. In Alice’s case, only one teacher bothered to read it. We spend so much time on these theses, trying to get them done and turned in a week in advance of our reviews, and no one bothers to read them? I find that more than a little irritating.

Since the review is done, I’m going to call the sock done. It isn’t acutally finished, but there’s no way I can rip back the needed two inches and then knit everything from the heel down by tomorrow (not on size 0’s, and not when I have no idea what I’m doing). Eventually, I will finish it, but it’s not going to be this week.

Packing has commenced and is roughly 75% complete. I can’t find anything and so far I’ve got two boxes of stuff, plus a shopping bag, a coat, and a pair of boots to donate. And a bag of medication, since all I seem to do here is get sick. Case in point: I would have updated a few days ago, but I came down with a stomach bug on Monday. I’m still feeling completely great, but since last night I’ve managed to eat two actual meals which is an improvement.

On top of everything else, K, our other roommate, has suddenly decided that the housing situation is “completely unacceptable and inappropriate”–but only since I got sick. She won’t even make eye contact with me. I’m sorry, the next time I decided to get laid up for two days with a stomach bug, I’ll check to make sure it’s convenient for your first. Gr. Some people…

And now I have a thesis to edit and print, a blog layout to adjust, more packing to do, and at least one more load of laundry. Three days and then I’ll be headed home!