college life


Yeah, that’s kind of how I’m feeling right now, as I sit in the school library intent on working and not really accomplishing much except checking my email and Facebook seventy billion times for no reason and looking up sock patterns in my Ravelry queue.

Dublin was fantastic and relaxing. Can I go back now? *wimper*

I have one month to complete my thesis, and a week and a half to put together a twenty minute presentation on a chemistry subject. I’m just not feeling terribly motivated, and every time I look at the mountain of work I have to to I just kind of cry a little inside and go hide under the covers.

I’ve been wanting to do knitting, but my wrist has been bothering me for about two weeks. In my infinite wisdom, I have decided that obviously, it is not the fact that I’m knitting that’s the problem, but the fact that my project has been misbehaving (because of course a hat that I’ve torn out six times and went from an elaborate cable pattern into a plain on stockinette one would obviously be the cause of the pain in my arm, and not all the repetition of typing, knitting, and also playing way too many games of solitaire both online and on my ipod).

Anyway, while I was in Dublin, I picked up a skein of sock yarn, because I’ve been wanting to knit socks and I’ve been having trouble fining good yarn for it here–just can’t find any thin enough. I’m convinced that all of the knitters here must order the bulk of their yarn online, which I can’t do thanks to my wool allergy. I have to touch it first. The yarn is a bamboo blend, very soft, and in shades of pink and white. Not my normal color pallet, but it was the only ball I could find that was the right weight, the right fiber content, and the right price. So I’m debating between Mary’s Garden, Cut and Paste, and Snakes on a Sock (those are all Ravelry pages, by the way, so if you’re not a member you probably won’t be able to view them). My bandwidth is so low though, that it’s coming down to whatever has the least complicated looking chart (looks like L&V is the winner), but I’ve only got one 100g ball so I’m hesitant to do anything from the top down. I’m also really wishing I had a good set of loooong circs so I could at least attempt to do two at a time and thus avoid the ripping that running out of yarn would entail.

I’ve finished two books in the last couple of weeks, both by Mercedes Lacky–The Lark and the Wren, and The Robin and Kestral. I’m starting the third book in the trilogy tonight.

Speaking of books, I would like to say yet another thank you to C.E. Murphy, who took time out of her busy schedule to meet with Alice and I at Chapters on Friday. We had a lovely time, and she signed my copy of Urban Shaman and Heart of Stone (I still don’t think Alice has forgiven me for beating her to that copy. Ha. My revenge, since she failed to point out Bill Nighy to me when we were in London).

I’m working on a file for our experiences on the haunted tours we took in London. I’ll post a summary here as soon as it’s done, but it might take a while, what with the thesis and the presentation and all.

This weekend I’m going up to Aviano to meet a guy that I met online. If you don’t hear from my by Monday, then he’s an ax murderer and the American Consulate should be alerted to begin looking for my body. (Joking. Don’t call them please. But I also promise I’ll post something early next week to let you all know I’m still alive. No promises on the exact time because I need to not be rambling on my blog but instead doing research for my freaking thesis which needs to written, like, NOW).

I think that’s the bulk of what I had to talk about. I’m fried, but I have to go jump out of the pan and into the fire now.