Still not caught up, but getting there

Last night I finished the third Cassie Tanner novel and gave it a new title–The Death and Resurrection Show. It’s about 15,000 words shorter than I wanted it, but I’m still editing the first draft of Life is a Zoo, so I think that going back to re-visit the first two books will help me plump out the later volumes. So far my Cassie Count is up to three novels, with ideas for at least two more, 150,809 words total. Maybe one of these days I’ll manage to write a 100k word novel.

I think my thesis comes first, though. I’ve had it on the back burner the last few weeks and I really need to focus on that, considering midterm break is just two weeks away.

Which reminds me, I need to do some laundry and start my packing. I’m really excited to get to see Ireland. While I might not be crazy about the city of Florence, this study abroad thing has been a dream come true because I’ve gotten to see so many places and do so many things that I never thought was possible.