Off Topic

Well, I’m just blazing through my 52 books list, aren’t I? I’m two weeks behind on the regular challenge, and six books behind on my personal goal. This is partially because the last few days I’ve been sick, and reading was making my eyes water. I did a lot of knitting, working on two new hats (no pictures yet).

I’m feeling much better now. What I should be reading are books and articles in preparation for my thesis, but it’s kind of sad how quickly I’ve gotten bored with the subject. I got a bit more energized yesterday. We went to the Anthropology lab, and I got to clean part of an iron age skeleton! It was so cool. I also learned some of the male/female markers that can be found on a skull. It was by far the most interesting morning I’ve had all semester. I really enjoy the hands on classes, especially for archaeology, but the lectures have been putting me right to sleep, especially diagnostics and chemistry. It’s either very, very basic chemistry that even I know and have heard five million times, or it’s completely over my head and may as well be in Mandarin.

I thought that since I’m doing so poorly on my reading list, that maybe I’d highlight a few of the author blogs that I follow. I’ll start on that…tomorrow. Next week. When I make it back here.