Lo and behold, I’ve been knitting. I whipped up two neck warmers in the past week or so because the archaeological superintendent’s building is frickin’ freezing. I like v-necks, but my neck and throat are always cold, and my scarf is too bulky for leaning over 2000+ year old ceramics. I have no idea what yarn I used, but the base yarn for each one is a wool blend (the black is wool bamboo, and it’s so soft!). By “Wool blend”, I mean that it has less than 60% wool, because otherwise I’d be breaking out like crazy. The blue one is still a little scratchy; I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep wearing it.

I held the wool yarn together with a strand of turquoise and purple linen/cotton ribbon yarn (no idea what it is, either; it didn’t have a label when I bought it. It’s Italian, though). The neck portion is just k1 p1, and then I shortrowed the portion to cover my chest until it hit my collar. So far, they’re working wonders, and cleaning ceramics is much more enjoyable when I’m not shivering.


The first thing I did this morning was finish reading Jekyll and Hyde, which I don’ recommend. It was a very depressing way to start the day. I really like Stevenson’s style, but I think I’m going to have to mix something slightly more cheery in with this collection of short stories.


The writing is still stalled. None of my current projects hold much appeal. I need a break from Cassie for a while. In Alice’s words, I don’t just need to let her get cold, I need to put her on ice. All of my other writing UFO’s require severe editing with a plot ax before I can continue with them, and it’s a job I don’t want to get into at the moment.


And thus concludes what is quite possibly my first ever entry to include all three of the subjects this blog is supposed to be about: writing, knitting, and reading.