Days until finals: 2
Number of hours spent studying: 0
Number of thesis pages written (10 due): 2.5
Outlines completed: 1 of 1
Exams taken: 1
Grade received: “A/A-” (What does that mean, anyway? It’s one or the other.)
Days left in the semester: 5
Novels finished: 2
Novels started: 2
Books read: 18
Cities visited: 4
Pictures taken: 1,320
Items knit: 3 donation hats, 1 hat to keep, 2 doll outfits, 1 laptop cover
Photos of knit items taken: 0, except for one of the doll outfits
Illnesses contracted and recovered from: 3
Days until departure: 9
Days until arrival: 10
Packing left: all of it
Final assignments completed: 7 of 9 (hang on. Geek girl moment. ….Okay, you can move on now.)
Number of times the list of assignments due has changed in the past two weeks: 6 (so those last two assignments? Not getting done. Can’t do them, because I didn’t know I was supposed to)
Nerves frayed: All of them

And now I shall distract you with knitwear while I try to finish some of the items on my list.