Bath and Shower

Bath was lovely. We went on two walks: The first was Bizzar Bath, which runs every night is a comedy tour of the strange and weird in Bath. Not historical, just funny. At one point our guide was talking about lay lines and nodes and how they affect Bath. Right in the middle of his explanation a man on a bicycle rode past, dressed as Death. We all stared at him (he had one of those “won-key” sounding horns, which he honked all the way down the road). Caught us all off guard. The only comment the guide could make was, “Obviously, he’s looking for Stone Henge.”

Speaking of which, we saw Stone Henge yesterday. It was lovely, but very blustery. Afterwards, we took our second walk, the Haunted Bath walk, which was very interesting. My favorite stories surrounded a dueling ground and a specific Holly tree that we visited, but I’ll get into that another time, probably when I make my ghost hunting post once we’re back in Italy.

Today we’re back in London. Catching up on our last few sight seeing stops before we go back. Only a few more hours of relative freedom, then it’s back to school. Not complaining. At least I won’t have to share a shower with 14 other people.