There were three things that we desperately needed yesterday, and didn’t manage to find until after I made that last post. The first was deoderant. Neither Alice nor I had one small enough to qualify for a carry on. We found a Boots (pharmacy)directy across from the mall, about a block from our hostel. It’s a gorgeous mall with lots of interesting shops, and inside, wouldn’t you know, there was a huge bookstore that was going out of business! I got a Torchwood novel for £5 (they’re $10-12 in the States, and with the exchange rate it was only about $7-7.50), a new deck of tarot cards (one that I can actually read! This is so exciting!) and a present for a friend back home. Everything was only £20, and would have been about double that back in Ohio.

Just when we were about to despair, we happened across what we thought was a grocery store but is closer to a miniature Target and discovered our holy grail–£3.50 bath towels. Our last hostel provided us with daily linens free of charge, but this place charges £5 for a tiny, un-absorbant towel. (Later, I went back to this same store for shoes and socks. My boots are great for site seeing and traveling, but not after four days in a row. I was going to back a second pair, but there wasn’t room. Alice and I have purchased a third bag, both to replace the one whose zippers all burst yesterday as we were about to get on the plane–not her fault, honestly. Cheap bag construction–and also so we could sew the openings closed and use the broken bag as a checked item for the stuff we’re bringing home (mostly books, but there will be chocolate and snacks that we’ve missed from home and can’t get in Italy as well).

All of this meant that we could get the third thing we really needed, which was a shower. We chilled out at the hostel for a while, then went for dinner, which was Burger King. Italian burgers are good in their own right, but they’re different. And we both wanted chedder cheese.

Since we were now clean and refreshed, we went back to the mall to look around more slowly. We carefully avoided the book store, since it was very dangerous for the health of our bank accounts, and this was when I got the cute little ballet flats that I’m wearing right now.

I went to bead early, and didn’t wake up until 4:30 when seven of our roommates came back from night clubbing. One of them at least was drunk enough not to care if he lowered his voice or not. I didn’t get up again unil 8:30, and it feels wonderful to finally have slept more than two or three or five hours.

On deck for today is another stroll through Hyde Park, since we know roughly where to find Peter Pan now, followed by a site seeing bus. In Edinburgh, this was the cheapest, best way to see the city, and it’s a reasonable bet that it’s the same here. Often you can buy one ticket, get on and off at will through the day, and see more sites in one day than you would otherwise. We’re going to get our obligatory touristy shots today since it’s Sunday and a lot of things will be closed.

Well, my 50p internet has about run out. Now I just need to find an ATM. While this trip has been cheaper than I thought it would be, I still think we’re going to be surviving off of bread and soup for the next few weeks to make it through the end of term. At least all of our supplies and things have been bought now. And I’m determined to make anything else we might need if I can.

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  1. It sounds like you are having so much fun! I am so jealous of your adventures, but I feel like i'm having one of my own with Hermes here! Such an awesome cat but tons more playful than Bean so every day is fun and exciting. 🙂


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