Take Off

I forgot to mention the other day that we tried that Chinese place, Peking Restaurant. The day I wrote the entry, they were actually closed. We think they close at 5pm, if not earlier, which is strange. So I walked all the way down to another take away place for some food that was kind of…Meh. It wasn’t terrible, like the last place I got Chinese from in Italy, but I probably won’t go there again unless I’m desperate. They also didn’t have a very big selection of food.

Peking, however, is fantastic, especially their steamed dumplings, OH MY GOD. They were amazing. And it’s a good sign when you see a Japanese tour group leaving as you’re walking in, and hear them saying things like “That was really good.” It’s a mandatory stop for almost all of the Asian tour groups that visit Florence.

Alice and I leave tonight for London. I’ve got a list of things to do as long as my arm, but if I can wrangle some help it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve marked down museums that I want to see, a possible university to visit, and a new age shop. The only other thing I need is an electronics store, so that I can buy a fairly cheap digital recorder for ghost hunting, since I didn’t bring mine and the mic I ordered for my ipod hasn’t come in yet. Very frustrating. I’ll be sure to post case files here once we get back.

If you like paranormal fiction, you might want to check out Bitten By Books’ Best Author of 2009 Contest, which is in the final stage of voting right now. Personally, I’m rooting for Tanya Huff, so go on over and give your favorite author some support.