college life

Loose Ends

I’m trying to get everything done today. Took my last exam this morning, which is a huge relief, so now I’m trying to do research for my thesis. Went back and reserved a book from the local library back home and put in a vacation hold so that it will be waiting for me in December (only a month and a half until I go home? Really?)

I’ve only got one more class, and it’s a practical (no exam!) so no worries there. Then I need to finish packing. I’ve also got to hunt down some 3 oz plastic containers to take on the plane. I saw some every day at the grocery store, but of course now that I need them I can’t find them anywhere. Even better, there’s a train strike scheduled for tomorrow, so we may or may not have an easy ride to Pisa, which is only an hour away by rail.

But we leave tomorrow! I’m so excited. I just can’t wait to see London. The last time I went, I slept for sixteen hours and only managed to leave our shitty hotel room for a burger from the BK down the block (yeah, I know. I got four thousand miles for a Burger King. And it was so expensive…)

Alice and I are making a list of all of the museums we want to go to, since most of them are free and we are on a very limited budget.

I’m not going to take my laptop with me, since I don’t want to have to carry it everywhere and I’m kind of scared to leave it in the hostel. I’ll take lots of pictures, and I’ll try to update from the hostel computers. I’m so looking forward to this!