I hate moving.

July is moving too quickly. In less than five weeks, I’m supposed to be in Italy, and I haven’t even gotten my Visa paperwork sent out yet. Packing is at a stand still. I hate moving, and I espcially hate the temporary moves I’ve been making for school–three weeks here, four months there, six here. I love to travel, but I need to have a steady place to come back to, and unfortunately, my parents house no longer qualifies for that, since (after living in various apartments, houses and dorms) I now have too much stuff to fit in my shoebox bedroom.

On top of packing and all of that, I’ve also got a lot of crafting I need to do. I need to finish the top down sweater I started in June, if for no other reason than if I let it stew while I’m in Italy, I’m not going to have a clue what I was doing with it in the first place. I’ve got four or five garments that need fixed/altered so that they can come with me, and Mom asked me to dye a scarf for one of her friends. Oh, and I’m making Alice’s bridesmaid dress. I’ve got the lining, bodice, and one sleeve done so far, and she needs it by the 28th at the latest. I don’t often make clothes for other people–as in, never. This is the first time. I’m really nervous that it won’t come out properly, since I’m on a time limit and neither of us has enough money for her to by a dress if this one doesn’t work. From now on, I sew only for myself.

Cleaning and packing are threatening to make my head explode. I need to figure out what’s coming to Italy, what’s going to my parents house, and what is getting sold/thrown away/donated, and what to do with it in the mean time.

I want a hoard of fairies to clean my room and do all of my packing. That would free up a lot of time for me. I could finish this Visa paperwork, read my library books before I have to return them, and write. And sew. And not feel like I’m about to implode.

Well, enough complaining. I’ve got work to do.