Odds and Ends

Has it really been three weeks since I updated this thing? Wow. I’ve been really busy at work, but my hours were recently cut. I’ve also been hurrying to get all of my Saci paperwork together, but at this point I’m just waiting on my loans and a new credit card (the loans were an adventure in and of themselves, and considering I won’t get my overpayment until I’m actually in Italy, the new card is a necessary evil. I hope to pay it off as soon as I get my check).

I ordered the Blood Ties DVDs, and they are here, but I’m tucking them aside until Italy, when I will be with limited internet access and no TV or radio.

Tonight Alice and I are going to a midnight showing of Harry Potter. I was going to put it off, but we have to go into Hilliard so she can go to the bank anyway, and the theater is right next to the bank, so we might as well save ourselves a trip. I’m tempted to wear my black graduation robes and go in costume, but I’m a geek like that. 🙂

An update on the ergonomic crochet hooks: They’re intended for people with arthritis in their hands, I think, not people with carpal tunnel. I find I actually have to do more work when I use them rather than less, which is a pain. I like the fact that they are interchangeable (I love it, actually), but I think I might have to pass them on to someone else before I leave. I wanted to take them with me, I just think I’m better off taking 4-5 of my normal hooks, since I know how to make them work for me with the least amount of pain.