By now everyone has probably realized that I’m not the best at the whole promotional advertising thing. I try, but really, not that good at it. So, after much debate, I decided this week that I am closing down my etsy shop. Basically, I’m taking offers. Want something? Just tell me how much. I’m sick of looking at this stuff. I’ve still got items that were posted when I originally made set up the shop. I had things that I wanted to add, but they just weren’t cost effective. Since it opened in 2007, I’ve lost over $100 to etsy, either through fees, shipping, or materials. I tried the whole “you have to spend money to make money” thing, and it really never worked out. So, either it sells or it’s gone. Some of it I might give away or tear apart, but a lot of it will probably end up in the trash–like the wool. I doubt the local thrift shop will take roving, and I don’t know any knitters here who aren’t allergic to it. So, save a fleece and make a purchase. Really.

It’s just been kind of depressing in general in internet land for me. See, on top of shutting down my etsy site, I also have been skimming though the job boards on ravelry, and it’s like a graveyard there. All of these “ISO Work” listings, and no one hiring. There has to be a way for a group of skilled fiber artists of varrying sorts from around the country (or the world) to make a living doing what they love. I just can’t think of a way to do it that would provide fair pay to everyone without giving the customers sticker shock (or outright heart attacks, if they didn’t die laughing first). What do you guys think? Some kind of fiber arts collaborative? I keep thinking of programs that I set up for spinners and knitters in third world countries, but those women get paid pennies (even if they’re still paid double what anyone else in the area receives), and then their products come here and we get $40-50 balls of yarn, or $150 sweaters. So how could an American female support her family on her knitting without charging thousands of dollars? How could she do it with a product that normal people could afford and find useful?

Any thoughts would be welcome. It just doesn’t seem right that there are so many people out there with these skills and the exact same problem finding employment, and yet no way to join the two.