Spinning a Tangled Web

So…um…I’m going to preface this by saying that I was following that new healthy plan for a week before I made that last post.

I didn’t so much fall off the wagon for 48 hours, as fall, then was backed over and dragged for a few miles.

It started with ice cream for dinner, because when you get off work a t 10pm, you often don’t feel like cooking, even if it’s just mac and cheese (which really, is about as healthy as ice cream). It ended with a cookie for breakfast, pizza for lunch (because I forgot the one I’d packed), and my dad’s cooking for dinner, which consisted of homemade chicken fingers and french fries. Soooo good, but the kind of food where you can feel your arteries clogging as you eat it.

My internal clock has also been off for the last two days, meaning my only exercise has been running around putting stuff away at work (which, honestly, I think should count for something. Please be nice to your local retail associates. We work our asses of trying to make people happy, and more often than not we get yelled for things we have no control over).

Okay. Now that I’ve just written a page of excuses…

Hey look! Spinning!

This hand dyed bamboo. Can you believe it? I love the way it dyed, and it’s spinning so wonderfully. I though it would completely fall apart, but it’s just fantastic.

The ball of black on the left is also bamboo (both were dyed with fiber reactive dyes). The one on the right is hand dyed, hand carded 50/50 silk bamboo.

Speaking of hand carding, I NEVER want to do it again. Ever. That little ball of silk/bamboo? Sat on my wheel, staring at me for months before I managed to finish it. I was actually supposed to have three times that amount, but I decided I was sick of hand blending the fibers and it was time to spin something that I would enjoy.
(By the way, the bamboo I’m spinning now is the same bamboo that I used in the silk blend.)

Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever shipped a wheel internationally before? How much did it cost?