Does anyone know where I can trade in my body for a slightly newer, more gently used version (and preferably ten pounds lighter? Maybe with better skin and hair that’s an actual color)? See, this past week, my allergies attacked with a vengeance. The problem with Ohio is that it doesn’t have allergy season. You just have to keep the meds and the tissue box handy from March until October and hope for the best. My nose is raw, and this evening is the first time in three days I’ve been able to breathe with my mouth closed. It hasn’t been fun, and there’s no telling how long it will last.

To top it off, I did something to my knee this afternoon. No idea what, but it feels like it’s been twisted or something, and I can hardly put any weight on it (and wouldn’t you know it, about five minutes after I settled in with the rice cozy, my boss calls to ask if I could pick up a nine hour shift). Heat, cold, pain killers–none of them are really doing much. I can’t see any swelling or anything out of place, it just HURTS.

Anyway. To take my mind off of that, I’ve been knitting. I got all the way done with the sleeve, was about to cast off–and then I realized that my measurements were way off. So I ripped back six inches and started again. I’m just about to cast off again, hopefully this time it will be right.

I did a little bit of spinning. The house has been topsy turvy from getting the kitchen re-done, so I didn’t have anyplace to work. But I cleared a spot for my wheel, and spun a few yards of the silk/bamboo mix I’ve only been working on since, oh, March? February? Earlier? and am still less than halfway done with.

Did a little sewing but I really need to oil poor Gemma, and my bottle of oil is nowhere in sight. Anyone know of an alternative to sewing machine oil until I find it?

I went to the Asian Festival over the weekend, but a full report on that will have to wait, since it’s already almost midnight and I’m not done yet with everything I need to do.

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  1. OK – ready for this one? I read that giving up sugar (and especially fake sugar and high fructose corn syrup) work wonders on the 10 years younger AND reduced allergy symptoms. I sort of said “Yeah, right” and then last year I gave up sugar, lost 15 lbs and in hindsight, didn’t even notice allergy season at all. When I say hindsight, this year the sugar found its way back into my life (uh oh) and so did my seasonal luck.


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