Hey, Look Over There! Knitting!

I present you with: A very exciting photo of 3/4 of a stockinette sleeve. Ooh, aah. Have you ever seen anything as interesting?

I ❤ sarcasm, by the way. Just in case you didn’t notice.

So what is going on in CrazyLand? Well, for starters our kitchen is getting redone by our landlord, who wants to sell the house this year. Which means we have no appliances except the fridge, everything from the kitchen is in the dinning room (which was our craft room) and everything from the dinning room (i.e. all of our craft and art supplies) has been moved into our bedrooms, because once the kitchen has been put to rights, the dinning room is getting re-done. And I didn’t know about any of this (at least the part involving the dinning room) until after I had finished cleaning and organizing my room, which I’d been meaning to do since December. Let me just express how happy I was to move all of that stuff into my (newly cleaned) living space: #$%^*&##$%^&%@@¢∞¶™!$&%$#µµ∫˚©ß†ˆ¬˚…∂å%**^@!#$!$%^&**!!

I keep asking if they need help (the landlord and his wife), but they keep saying no, so I’ve been hiding in my room knitting for the last few days. I feel kind of guilty because their son has been coming from the East Side to help, but every time I ask, “No, we’ve got it.”

In better news, my printer came yesterday, which surprised me since I’d only ordered it on the 18th. It’s shiny and spiffy and photo quality with a flatbed scanner and I can’t wait until my mini comes to try it out. I could hook up the laptop, I suppose, but I prefer to only install things once. Now if only I could get the rebate center to work and get my $100 back, everything would be just dandy.

I’ve been in a much better humor since graduation. Probably because I have time to breathe now, and it doesn’t feel like every single thing has to be done RIGHT THIS SECOND OR OH MY GOD THE WORLD WILL END AND I WILL DIE ON THE STREET. I have a little bit of leeway at least, though the job hunt continues and I still don’t have any options for grad school.