We’re here: Arlington, VA. No pictures so far because most of it has involved getting lost on the wrong side of the river (and the wrong side of the tracks).

If you plan on going to DC, here are my suggestions:

  • Avoid Martin Luther King Blvd south of 295 (I think; like I said, we got lost) unless you plug “where white boys go to die” into the GPS.
  • Drive a car that has both GPS and cruise control. Trust me, seven hours without it is NOT my idea of fun.
  • If you think it will take you six hours, or less, or whatever time you think it will take, add an extra hour for getting lost. And stop for food BEFORE you get lost.
  • If you are coming to DC for the first time, don’t try to navigate it in the dark. I swear, our nation’s capital took a leaf out of medieval cities of old and made it as hard to get around as possible. Maybe they think it will keep the protesters out?

At this point, I would normally insert a picture, but I was too busy concentrating on not dying and trying to get un-lost to whip out the camera. Also, I left the card reader at home. So conjure up a fitting romantic, patriotic image in your head. While you do that, I’m going to see if I can’t sleep on this couch, because apparently, $2100/mo only gets you a one bed, one bath apartment that would fit in my parents living room. I’ll stick with my $500/mo Victorian and its drafty windows, thankyouverymuch.