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1. I haven’t been updating because life has been a big bag of “suck” and “fail” for the last few weeks. Basically, all semester, and I haven’t been wanting to broadcast my bad mood onto the internet.

2. It’s been so bad that I haven’t been knitting. Seriously. Haven’t touched the pointy sticks since I was sick back in April, and even then all I did was whip out some doll clothes. Actually, scratch that. The doll cloths were crochet.

3. I’m also, I just realized, behind on my book list. Must see to that…when I get a chance.

4. Finals are next week. See item 1. RE: “suck” and “fail.”

5. After finals I’m going to Washington DC for the Code Pink Mother’s Day Vigil. Don’t know if I will have internet.

6. The house Alice and I are renting goes up for sale in June, meaning we have to be out two weeks after graduation. Again, I refer you to Item 1. (Neither of us has the money for a new apartment. My job will barely pay for this one.)

7. I loose my insurance the day I graduate. (See Item 1.)

8. Sometime over the course of the next month I will be listing stuff on Amazon and Ebay for sale. Maybe that will enable me to not choose between food and rent.

I’m having a hard time seeing the light at this point. Hope things are going better for everyone out there in internet-land.