198 countries peace project

Road Trip!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to show “Worth It?” at the Code Pink Mother’s Day Vigil, on May 9-10. I’m going to send them the piece, but I’d really like to drive down and take part as well. The problem is…well, I’m in college. I barely have enough cash to live off of right now, even if I tap into the Emergency Fund (about $150).

I need $150 to go down (we’ll be staying with Alice’s parents, so most of our food and all of our lodging will be free). If you would like to help fund this little road trip, then you can check out my etsy shop. All of my jewelry is clearance to $10 or less right now. Even if that is all you buy, it would be a big help in getting me down there.

I hate to ask, but I think that the cause is important and I really want to take part. If I go, I’ll also be taking information on the Peace Project with me.

If you are going to be in the DC area from May 8-10, I’d love to meet up at the show. I’ll be there both days, and things start at 1 pm on the 9th.