Sick Days

I’ve been sick since Sunday. At first I thought it was just allergies, but I’ve had a fever that comes back every time my dayquil wears off. Everything is exhausting. I stayed home from school one day, but that was all I could afford to miss. Called off work today–I really just need two good days of rest.

I’ve been reading, watching movies, and crocheting. I finished up this cute little doll outfit yesterday:

Evie is very happy with it, especially now that she has boobs to show off. Her old body didn’t have any at all.

The shawl is crocheted on a size G (the smallest hook I can use, and even at that only for short periods), and the yarn is some of my hand spun silk, in a laceweight. It hasn’t been blocked yet. I haven’t gotten up the mojo to go downstairs and plug in the iron yet to try steaming it.

The halter is mostly made from some Mystery Yarn I got in Italy. I think it was about 2 euro for a pound of the stuff. The trim is also silk, spun by me. I’m taking the rest of the ball and making it into another hippy hat at the moment, but no pictures.

The skirt is done on US7 needles, and it’s just some generic acrylic I got at Walmart, leftover from some Christmas knitting.

As to reading, I picked up a light mystery from the library. It’s called “Organize your Corpses” by Mary Jane Maffini, and it’s pretty amusing so far. I’ll probably finish it this weekend.

Okay. Back to the whole getting better thing.