thesis show

(Spring) Break?

Okay, I’ve been meaning to update for a couple of weeks now. First off, the show went up the first week of March, and while I won’t call it a hit, it was something of a success. There was a small turn out for the reception (we still have two tupperware containers of mini muffins my mom made left, and two liters of soda). I got some good discussion going with the reviews, though I probably won’t take most of their suggestions. The show is about 80% how I wanted it, and the 20% that didn’t turn out I either know where it went wrong and how I am going to fix it, or I have an alternate plan in mind. The hardest part about this show is that I couldn’t actually see the Peace Project all laid out until it was actually in the gallery, but now that I’ve seen how it hangs I know how to fix it.

Photos of the show

I have photos of the reception, but I wasn’t the one who took them, so I only have hard copies. A friend of my dad’s made me a lovely scrapbook of all of the pictures as a get well present, so I can’t really take them out and scan them. It’s very pretty though, and brings me to my next point of business.

So spring break is this week, and I get to spend it on pain killers. I went in yesterday morning to have my wisdom teeth out. All told, it’s not so bad. Having four teeth removed doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as spacers, a palette expander and having my other 32 teeth re-arranged around them. Especially when I have 600mg ibprophen on my side, and hydrocodine if that’s not enough (haven’t broken into the narcotics yet. Trying to avoid it, and honestly, haven’t been in too much pain). The worst part was the anesthesia. After I woke up, I had double vision and I was really dizzy. They had me lay on a couch in the doctor’s office for a few minutes, but not long enough for it to go away, so when I climbed into the car a few minutes later…well, you do the math. Suffice to say it was a good thing Ruth put the photo album in a gift bag rather than just wrapping it, and that I took the photo album out before hand.

I’ll be spending the next few days catching up on my reading/writing, and re-doing a project for my mythology class (don’t get me started on that. I asked a simple question which resulted in a 45 minute lecture on how no one in the class knows how to do research, and was then granted the privilege of being told that not only do I have to re-do the entire project, but that I now have to do twice the work of anyone else in the class. I’m a little murderous right now).