Bullet Points

1. I’m taking a page from Crazy Aunt Purl and doing this list style, because I’m too scatter brained for anything coherent.

2. Vanyel is the new love of my life. I’m working on a three ply right now, and have fiber on five of my six bobbins.

3. My show will officially open in one week, three days, and seventeen hours.

4. My white matter is making a lovely catered BBQ out of my gray matter thanks to #3.

5. Because of #3, everything that doesn’t need to be done NOW has been put on hiatus, including the other blog.

6. I had a mental break down on Tuesday. I literally sat in my studio and cried for four hours straight. I am that stressed out.

7. If any of you are going to Santa Clara, CA for Baycon in May, could one of you send me Mercedes Lackey’s autograph? I would love you forever. And give you yarn. Hand dyed yarn spun on Vanyel. Cookies?