The World Tour

This is a list I’ve had for a few years now, though its expanded greatly since last semester. The premise is this: Alice and I have become published, famous authors. We’re going on a book tour, and can pick some (well, I guess more like ALL the cities) that we visit. We’re each taking our mothers along. This is a list of the cities, and why I want to go there/what I want to do once we’re there. It is arranged in this way: flying from Columbus, we stop first at City 1 (Toronto). From there, we fly to City 2, etc, until we’ve gone all the way around the world and end up back in Columbus. Hm. Well, I guess my geography is a little off, but whatever.

And just for the record, none of the three of them have ever seen this list.

The World Tour–Cities I want to visit and what to do there.

Beaches and shopping are a given.

1. Toronto–take pictures of sites used on Blood Ties, Henry’s street.
2. Montreal–China Town, and all the other wonderful places there. Jazz and Comedy festivals. See more of the Reso.
3. Newfoundland–Just sounds like a cute, relaxed place.
4. New York City–Do I really need to say?
5. Pennellville–explore the city named after my family
6. Dublin–Because it’s Irish.
7. Belfast–same as above
8. Cardiff– Millenum Center. Try to find the “invisible lift” to Torchwood. Look like dorks. Take a picture of the BBC studio where Torchwood and Dr. Who are filmed.
9. Edinburgh–because it’s one of the most wonderful places in the world and one week is not enough time. Go to JK Rowling’s cafe, and explore other parts of the city.
10. Bath–because it’s terribly haunted and historical and sounds like a lot of fun.
11. London–Go to West End performance, preferably one involving John Barrowman, Dan Radcliff, or David Tennant. Get good seats and act like fangirls. Get good British Tea. Walk down the street where Rowling lives.
12. Paris–Duh. Go to latin Quarter. Sit in a book store and drink tea all afternoon. Go to one of the free afternoon fashion shows. Go in June when everything is on sale.
13. Montpellier–a nice quiet place to relax.
14. Nimes–historical value.
15. Chartre–The Castles. The view.
16. Milan–Fashion show.
17. Rome–picnic in the Roman Forum. Spend more time on certain things.
18. Pompeii–follow Mom’s lead.
19. Berlin–Follow Ashley and her mom
20. Hamburg–same as above
21. Budapest–take pictures of the stuff that was in Blood and Chocolate
22. Athens–Send the moms somewhere else and go worship in an ancient temple.
23. Beijing–Just explore.
24. Hong Kong–same as above
25. Okinawa–hot springs.
26. Osaka–explore.
27. Kyoto–historical sites. Cherry blossoms.
28. Tokyo–Akihibara, Harujuku,
29. Sydney–go to a performance at the Opera House. Beaches. Learn to surf. Avoid Vegimite.
30. New Zealand–Snowboard?
31. Honululu–Duh again. Beaches, hello.
32. LA–live like a rock star for one week.
33. Vancouver–a quiet place to recover. Explore. Look for things from Tony’s books.
34. Houston–go to an ADV Cattle Call.
35. Chicago–Sneak off on own and go to American Girl Place. Apply for job (Hi. Geek. Loved those books when I was a kid).
36. Atlanta–history
37. Daytona–need I say?
38. Ft. Peirce–Is there really anything there except Aunt Connie and Uncle Neil? (by the way, my aunt, a cancer survivor, recently published a book. It’s good. Go read it.)
39. Bahammas–Duh.
40. Savannah–historical value. Ghosts.
41. Williamsburg–just for the cheesy fun of it. Go in costume for extra dork value.
42. DC–visit all the places the school made us too late to visit. Go to a performance in Ford’s Theater.