Two Down

Well, it’s the third and I’ve got two books knocked off my list. Just 66 more to go, according to my shelfari profile. Well, actually, only 50 for this year, but I’ve got more than that on my “I want to read this eventually” list.

The first book of the new year was Hex Marks the Spot by Madelyn Alt. This is a paranormal mystery. It looks and reads a little like a romance novel (not smut, but sort of romantic and girly), but despite the main character’s best efforts, in the three books I’ve read she’s gotten two good snoggs and a failed makeout session.

The second book is the second Torchwood novel I’ve read in the past week. I tell you, they’re more addicting than chips. The first one doesn’t count towards the 52 books challenge, because I finished about 15 minutes before the new year actually started, but so far they’ve both been fantastic reads. The first was The Twilight Streets by Gary Russell, and the second was Almost Perfect by James Goss.

I think that TS was better written, for several reasons (one, I am in love with Garry Russell, two, AP has a very strange scene/chapter set up, and three, even though I don’t think that some of the characters are faithfully portrayed *cough*Ianto*cough* I have to say that it’s a rather…iffy plot. One of those where you don’t know how in character the characters would act to begin with. Make sense? I didn’t think so. Just read it. If you’re a Torchwood fan, you’ll love it).

No crafting has been going on. I’m either online or I’m writing. My crafting/art mojo has gone out the window. I think it needs a break. Hopefully it’ll come back soon so I can get some work done on this thesis show. Can you believe that it’s been almost a year since I announced the Peace Project?