Okay. So I’m not really keeping that promise to myself to update more in the month of December.

I finally took pictures of some of the Christmas presents I’ve been making. Franklin Habbit, I am not. For one thing, I don’t care much for studio-style photography (at least, not when I have to take it myself). This is probably one of the reasons I’m so bad at it.

I’ve made seven of these so far, each with a matching wash cloth. There’s one set each for my mom, my aunt, grandma, and cousin. I also made a set for my boss and her mother, after we got to talking and she mentioned that she and her mom were down to the last sets that her grandmother made before she passed away. Neither of them crochet, so I made each of them a towel and wash cloth as a surprise. I thought she was going to cry, and then I nearly started crying, because I started thinking about my grandma, an avid knitter/crocheter/sewer who passed away when I was fifteen, before I really learned enough French to talk to her or before I knew how to knit, or really started sewing. If I could have one day with a dead person, she’d be it.

Shit, now I really am crying.

Anyway. My next post will be a tutorial on how to make the hand towels. If you’re interested in my method of making the dishcloths, leave a comment to let me know.